Hello everyone and welcome to the new SUPER kewl blog. I have been working on this for what seems like forever and I hope you all love what you see. My name is Patsy Brown and I am a wedding and portrait photographer in Pensacola Florida and surrounding areas. I am also available for international travel. So please email me, call me, throw a rock...whatever it takes, I would love to be a part of any special moment in your life. This is also where I will post a few of my favorite images from all my fabulous weddings and sessions for all to see. This will also serve as a on line journal of my life and my wonderful family and friends...I have lots of those. (wink)

Good as Gold!

Yes, that's right a gold dress that was so perfect it's really scary!  Everything about this couple AND wedding was just GOLD!  So you see it totally fits.  I think Toni  planned it that way right?

Stay tuned for much more...














10 Years!

Oh yes you read that right!  This sweet couple have been dating 10 years!   Erica and Alan are simply meant for each other!  You can see the love in their eyes!

Now here in the south we bleed college football.  LOL, let me assure you Erica wasn't going to miss a Auburn football game.  This girl loves it so much she even got married on a Friday!   You just have to love us southern women right?

I won't keep you waiting any longer.  Happy ONE week Anniversary to Erica and Alan!





































Beauty and Grace...

Lovely, small, intimate wedding that we truly just loved!






It's been a CRAZY busy summer!

I just realized I have hardly blogged any  regular portrait sessions all summer.  So how about a tiny little peek of what I have been up to over here at Patsy Brown Photography!   It's been BUSY!































































The name so fits this lovely, amazing young woman.  How about a few of her bridal session to brighten your day?  It sure brightens mine!










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