Still sad...but happy too!

Yes, that's right, I am still sad but very happy for my amazing accountant/friend who is leaving me.  Mandy and her family were there in the beginning..THANK HEAVENS...and now she is leaving me for bigger and better things and I am in fact happy for her.  LOL, was just being selfish because I was loosing her (and anyone who knows me knows how much I needed my Mandy)  but I KNOW I will at least get to see her again and again for family pictures.  Right Mandy?  Oh, and was sad to see how grown Jack is.  When did that happen?  OH. MY, is this child the cutest or what?  He gets it really honest...the whole family is PERFECT!  I was unable to show these before Christmas because it was a surprise but now I can unveil this perfect family!   How cool was it that as we were shooting the Blue Angels came by and we were the ONLY ones on the beach?  Actually I planned it that way.  (wink)  They could have slowed down though so I could get a few more.  LOL!

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