L.L. and J.

Brrrrrrrr, it was cold outside today but this couple was HOT!  So in love,  so sweet, so VERY cute and they already have a very special place in my heart!  It takes such a BIG heart and a amazing person to be so loving and so sweet to a little one, and J is in LOVE with both his girls and it just really melted my heart!  I just cannot wait until their wedding in 2010!  Early 2010 to be exact!  You guys were so fun (and so beautiful)  and I really enjoyed seeing yall.  Have a VERY Blessed Christmas and I will see yall in the NEW year!

Arlene, Jessica and James!

Well, if I got started on this family I may never end.  (wink)  Then I will start crying and carrying on like a baby and get mushy and all that so....I am just going to post some pretty pictures of my friend and her amazing children!  Man, they are growing up so fast, it makes me a little sad sometimes.  Before we know it they will be grown!  Hug your kids right now, they won't be little much longer!  God Bless!  Love yall!

Blog slacker...

Well, yes I have been slacking a bit on the blog but it is not my fault, it is mother nature's fault.  Most of my clients want nice relaxed portraits in a setting of their choice so with all this rain I have had nothing to shoot as of late, but trust me I will really soon and I am getting caught up on all my weddings so never fear there will be more.  Also the Holiday's are winding down a bit and everyone is just so very busy getting ready for Christmas!   But I do have one thing to blog that I am excited about.  It seems my image of the VERY lovely Elizabeth has been picked for the cover of the Emerald Coasts Brides Magazine again.  It is quite a honor for me and Elizabeth and I am very humbled to be selected yet again.  Thank you Emerald Coast Brides.  So hot of the presses everyone, get your copy now.  I also have a full page ad in there of the BEAUTIFUL Lanie and her handsome man Bryan!  I have the most beautiful brides huh?  (wink)

The Jenk's Family!

So John had to remind me yesterday how long we have known each other!  OH MY, I AM OLD!  I still do not know when that happened but it must not have happened to him cuz he does not age!  Still cute, still sweet as ever and has the most BEAUTIFUL WIFE and children AND knows all my COOL friends...right Rikers and Wilsons?  LOL. Thanks for thinking of me yall.  Your family is just BEAUTIFUL!

Ya think they are Bama Fans?

Yes they are and soooo proud of it!  I must admit I am pretty proud of this family too.  They have been with me from the VERY beginning.  And I do mean the beginning and every year  they make the 1and 1/2 hour drive to see me and I love it every single time.  Jack is my BUDDY now and I ADORE him, his Mommy and his Daddy!  Ya think they should have named this one Jr?  LOL.  Thanks yall, as usual it was so great seeing yall.  ROLL TIDE JACK MAN!!! I hope yall love these as much as I do!  God Bless!