Nicole and Adam are Married!

Oh wow, what a beautiful, wonderful, fun night.  Nicole was simply just stunning and Adam, hubba, hubba right?  <wink>  The best part of my job is the people I surround myself with and I love surrounding myself with this group of people.  I have seen this group many, many times and each and every time is so wonderful!   Thank you all for always thinking of me.  I have a lot of images to show so I won't go on and on like I usually do but know that your big day was AWESOME and we enjoyed ourselves so much.

Now, on to the show.

Oh, first up I have a NEW assistant.  NO, Luker is not gone he is still mine but he had his own wedding this day and I have started training Hillary Clarke!  She is a doll with a amazing eye and the sweetest personality in the whole world.  Everyone loves her already.  What is wrong with me training this cute young things right?  Thank you Hillary, you did a wonderful job!

We started at the Lee House!   LOL, yes as a matter of fact I have been at the Lee house with Norma and Pat six weekends in a row.  LOL.  I LOVE IT!  Thank you Norma and Dr. Pat, as always you are the PERFECT host and hostess!

Ceremony was at Old Christ Church!  You just have to love this place right?

Now, I usually tell yall all about the flowers and such...Nicole did EVERYTHING!  I am thinking Mrs. Thang might have a been a wedding planner in a former life...or maybe future?  LOL.  She did the flowers, the favors, the decorating the wedding wands, the EVERYTHING!  It was wonderful.  Man, I wish I had some of that fudge right now come to think of it.  LOL.

Reception was held at 600 south and over in the courtyard at New World.  It was so pretty!

Ok, so a new band that I am totally in love with.  Yes, I KNOW you all think I am some groupie but seriously...LOVE ME SOME OCEAN STREET BAND!   Do yourself a favor and give them a listen!  Love em!

Oh and let me not forget the super cool cake from none other than our very own OH SNAP!  YUMMO!

Thanks again yall, so fun!

  • Amazing!!! I love all of them. You truly captured everything. Patsy, not only are you a great photographer but you make it FUN!!! You are the best.

  • Beautiful!!!!!!!!! Only words that can describe such a Beautiful Occasion
    Just sorry I had to miss it .Patsy very good job .

  • Thanks Patsy for all your hard work and beautiful pictures
    So glad you enjoyed the fudge, it was prepare with lots of Love for Nicole
    and Adam on this special occassion.
    Nicole has been an amazing Granddaugher, we are happy to have
    Adam join our family.
    Nellie Elia Ma Ma Nellie

  • Patsy, you lived up to your reputation. You and your work are truly amazing . Can't wait to see everything. Kim

  • WOW! These photos are amazing I love them all. I would love for you to take some great pictures of my boyfriend and me.

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