Another shout out!

So as you probably already have read from the next post Pensacola had their very own little "extreme makeover"  put on by the good people at megankevents!  Well I had the pleasure of meeting quite a few people yesterday.  You all already know how much we LOVE Style downtown right?  Well I also had the pleasure of meeting John Dye!  O M G!  Prepare yourselves ladies and gents John is just the BEST!  Love, love, love him already.  If any of my brides are in need of a amazing, wonderful, funny makeup artist, well John is your man.

First up is John and then Kelly and Shannon, a few of the amazing girls at Style.  ON that note Kelly I knew I knew you.  You were just at one of my beautiful brides weddings a few weeks ago at Lee House right?  LOL!   Great to see you!

And the Winner is...

Yeap, that is right the winner is Barbara Brown.  Did anyone see the Extreme Makeover here in Pensacola last night on T.V.?  Well the good people over at Megan K Events put on their own little show and it was just amazing!   I was proud to be a part of it.  I will let you all read more about Barbara and her hubby over at Megan's page.   There were MANY, MANY people involved and I must say Pensacola is the best place in the world.  We have so many giving, caring and just fun people here in our little town and I am VERY proud to know so many of them.   Thank you Megan for including me.  You did a fabulous job!

So now a few pictures of the beautifully put together Barbara!  God bless you Barbara!  Stay tuned for many more...


Total sweetness, total fun time.  I love doing these kind of shoots.  I live with 3 boys so anytime I can have a little "girl" time it's always fun and Jessi was no exception.  She had a ball and so did me and her Grandma!  Thanks for thinking of me yall.  I can't wait to see yall again!  Special thanks to my dear friend Katie for referring me to Jessi and Virgina!  I should have known it was going to be fun huh?  <wink>

A. D. and C!

I just don't see this family enough.  I cannot believe Cooper is already five...blows my mind that I was there when his Mommy and Daddy were married, there while Mommy was pregnant , there when he came home from hospital...I just love my clients/FRIENDS!  Thank yall for always being so loyal and loving!  God Bless!

The H Family!

So 9 years ago I had been in business about a minute.  LOL.  Maybe a little longer but this beautiful couple came to me to shoot their wedding and it was fabulous!  I mean really, look how cute.  Now, these cute people have had two of the cutest little ones.   I just cannot tell yall what it means to me that you have trusted me for so long.  I am humbled and amazed!  God Bless yall!  It was so great seeing you all!