I love a happy couple!

One more time...I LOVE a happy couple and this couple was VERY happy!   LOL.  I'll let you be the judge.  Thank you Jane and Nick for having me for your small, intimate, lovely wedding!  I hope to see yall again soon!

Oh yeah, I'm pretty much in love with Norman the wonder dog!   LOL!

Honey and Chuck!

What a lovely, delightful couple Honey and Chuck are!  I just loved the little bit of time I was able to spend with them.   I love to see a couple in love!   LOVE IT!  And it just so happens that Chuck and I are from the same "stomping  grounds"....well kinda.  LOL.  Sorry Honey for boring you with our crazy talk.  LOL.   I have to give a thanks to Honey's Mom for including me in such a special time.   I sure hope to see yall again soon!

Stay tuned...

Yes, it's them crazy peeps/friends of mine again.  Don't ya just LOVE them?  I sure do!  Stay tuned for more...MUCH more!

Another sunset and moon...boots!

I could resist chatting about Mallory's super cute boots.  They looked pretty comfy too.  LOL.  We have had some AWESOME sunsets as of late but this sunset was made even more beautiful by this lovely couple Mallory and Brian.  Stay tuned for take two from this couple.  We had a blast!   Thanks for being such good sports on the (tiny bit) cold beach!

Jodi and Andrew are getting Married!

Good things come to those who wait...right Jodi?  LOL.  We had this shoot scheduled TWO times and the weather really did not cooperate at all.  Well that and a 11 year old with a broken foot...LOL, but the weather was still bad.  Anyway, I am SOOOOOO glad we waited as I am not sure the weather has EVER been more perfect EVER!  Jode and Andrew are so in love and it so shows.  I LOVE couples that interact with each other so well.  I love it!  In just a short two months these two will be walking down the aisle and again, I cannot wait!  Thanks yall for such a perfect day!