Honey and Chuck!

What a lovely, delightful couple Honey and Chuck are!  I just loved the little bit of time I was able to spend with them.   I love to see a couple in love!   LOVE IT!  And it just so happens that Chuck and I are from the same "stomping  grounds"....well kinda.  LOL.  Sorry Honey for boring you with our crazy talk.  LOL.   I have to give a thanks to Honey's Mom for including me in such a special time.   I sure hope to see yall again soon!

  • Patsy these are great!! Honey congrats to you and Chuck!! It seems like yesterday you were coming to Norma's and being "our little helper", and now you are such a beautiful young lady about to be married!! Your pictures are wonderful and so glad you worked with one of my very best friends "PATSY BROWN"!!!!!

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