Mommy and Daughter!

I just LOVED this session.  As most of you know I only have two stinky little harried legged boys.  LOL.  Thus the reason I love weddings so much right?  Anyway, I had the pleasure of being around Savanna and her precious daughter and it was just awesome.  Savanna won a gift certificate I gave away for "making strides against breast cancer",  yet another thing very near and dear to me.  Anyway, check out the fun day we had.  Thank you Savanna, it was just a blast!

Stephanie and Josh, are Engaged!

I'm REALLY excited about this wedding.  I just am!  I love the way these two interact with each other.  It truly melts my heart!   Thanks yall for braving the cold..brrrrr right?  I am hoping Josh's feet are thawed out by now.  <wink>   See yall soon!

The Martins!

Who remembers this beautiful family?   Well guess what?  We have a new addition and he is just as sweet and perfect as the rest of them.  I adore them.  Welcome to the "only woman in the house club" my friend.  LOL.  It's going to be great, you know how sons love their Mom's right?  LOL.  So great seeing yall again, thank you for always thinking of me and being so loyal!  I LOVE IT!

Key West...yes, again!

I know, I know I have the most awful job in the world right?  NOT!  I LOVE MY JOB and I ADORE clients like these.  LOVE THEM!  The famous Rae Leytham and I had the pleasure of being together and shooting this wedding this past weekend and I think we had almost as much fun as the bride and groom.  LOL.  Stay tuned for MUCH more.  Thank you to Danyette and Chad ONCE again for having us.  God Bless yall!   Oh, and YES that IS a firetruck and firemen you see at the end, what's a little electrical fire among friends huh?  <wink>

Let's hear it for Team Eady!

LOL!  I LOVE THIS FAMILY!   I had the pleasure of doing some images for Jennifer (that super hot Mommy you see here) a year or so ago and she has been promising me I could meet and take some images of her super cute family ever since then.  Well today was the day.  It was cold, and windy and PERFECT!   I am in total love with these few images here and I cannot wait to show you all more!  Thanks for remembering me Jennifer.  You and your family are AWESOME and I cannot wait to see yall again!   I am thinking summer time I will have me 5 sweet little TAN blonds on our beautiful beaches....right Jen and Terry?   LOL!