Lindsay and Tyler in Charleston South Carolina, Take 1!

I say take 1 because I have a strange suspicion that I will have to make another post.  Jiluli and I had so much dang fun at this wedding it really shouldn't be called work.  LOL.  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both the amazing families at this stunning wedding and we LOVED Charleston.  Must get back there soon.   The moment I met The Baker Family I KNEW this would be a long lasting relationship and their friends are NO exception!  OMG, what a perfect event!  I cannot wait to see you all again and again!   THANK YOU Charlene for trusting me for your baby girls big day!  I adore you all!

I will be making another post but let me thank the first two people that come to mind.

Corey and her staff at Loluma were so nice to work with.  If you are in Charleston or anywhere else for that matter you MUST contact them.   I'll have more on Corey and the other FAB vendors super soon.

It should go without saying that my Jules is the  I love you Jules and am so happy you are crazy enough to be with me for 4 days for this amazing event!  LOVE YOU!

On that note I will be gone here really soon for 12 glorious days!  LOL.  So IF you need those Christmas portraits done yall call my friend Jiuli!  You won't be disappointed!

Now on to the CRAZY beautiful Lindsay and her handsome hubs Tyler!

Amanda and Jordan, Engaged!

Cuteness right?  These two are so into each other that just thinking about it makes me smile ear to ear!  I love it!  I cannot wait until August!   It will just be fabulous!

Amanda and Micheal are Married!

Yeap, you read it here first.  LOL.  Seriously though, I LOVE a man who shows his feelings and Micheal did not disappoint!   I will post more soon...but I must thank my Luker for being there for this one.  I have missed you so much Luker and you know how much I love you!   LOVE YOU!

More on all the amazing vendors there too.  Some of my VERY favs!   Dang, I have a cool job huh?

Now, on to the very lovely Amanda and the handsome Micheal!

Cuteness Alert!

Remember these two?  Ok, three?  Yeap, now it's going to be four!  Cute, cute, cute x like 1000 and soooooo wonderful to know and work with.  Actually Chris was one of my VERY first clients EVER!  So I've know him like 13 years now and he MUST like me cuz he's crazy enough to keep coming back.  LOL.  And now his stunning, sweet, beautiful wife is expecting!   Did I mention I am excited?  <wink>  Isn't she the cutest?

Megan and Barton, Engaged!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  LOL.  Did I say that enough?  I can't wait till March!