It's been a LONG time since I've seen this little super model but it was so great to see him AND his Mommy again!   I hope I see yall again super soon!


LOL, it's a private joke but this family knows it well.  LOL.  I could have stayed in this home all day....actually I almost did!  CONGRATS YALL, yet another PERFECT baby!   I love yall!

Jessica and Stanley!

Ohhhhh, yet another beautiful couple I have the pleasure of knowing!   I'm so excited for May to get here!   Just look at the total cuteness of these two!  LOVE IT!

Guess who is two?

I just cannot even believe this baby is two.  I can hardly stand it.  What a total blessing this family is to me.  M.G.'s  MiMi has become one of my sweet, wonderful friends...I LOVE HER!  So of course it's just a bonus that I get to photograph her lovely family too.  Now, we are just waiting on Clayton!   Thank you Brooke and Chris for trusting me with your most special moments.  I just love you all!

And baby makes 4!

My Katie did it again, made a totally beautiful, wonderful baby!  I had no doubt.  LOL.  What dream clients/friends.  I get to Daphne and what do I have waiting on me?  A lovely homemade lunch and cream cheese brownies!   Uhhh, do these friends know me or what?  LOL.  Now...on to my lovely friends!