What a way to end the year...

What a lovely couple...stay tuned for more.  I PROMISE more!  LOL. 










Tabitha and Lance...Coming Soon!


















Coming Soon...







Eva and Ron!

I'm not sure where my head is...(stop shaking your heads those that know me) but I totally forgot to post the lovely Eva and Ron and their beautiful wedding at the Grand San Destin!  WOW!   Much more to say but for now I must thank Stephanie at Savoir Faire Weddings!   Yumi was there with us all night and what a complete doll!   Jules and I just LOVE YOU Yumi!    You ladies out did yourselves.  It was just fabulous!

I promise more soon because the vendors were OFF THE CHAIN but for now let's celebrate this couple!  Thank yall so much for having us!   We had a blast!



















































Lauren and William, Married!

Oh my yet another where I just do not know where to start.  I have known Lauren and her precious, sweet family for...oh my at least 17 years!     They are the most amazing family and I love them all to pieces.  Don't know what I would do without her sweet mamma sometimes.   William your family is just lovely!  Two great families coming together!  I love it!   Stay tuned for more...LOL, I hope sooner than later!