Sarah and Corbett (3)...Married!

Where do I begin?  I can't begin at the very beginning because it will take too dang long so how about I just tell you how much I ADORE this couple and everyone that knows them.  And how about I thank a billion times over all the people that made this wedding oh so perfect.  Ok, that just what I'll do.  LOL.  Love ya Sarah and Corbett.  Thank you for having me and Jiuli and Luker  there for your amazing two day celebration.   Jiuli and Luker...what would I do without yall?  There are no words.

So now that there are soooo many images how about I list the amazing vendors in no particular order and tell you that this was PERFECT because of them!   Sound good?

Melissa at Nancy Haute Affairs and her whole crew!  HOLY MOLY!   Yall know how awesome you all are!

Betty Weber!  REALLY?  Must I say it again?  <wink>   You my girl!

Jackie with Southern Floral Traditions did her thang too.  THANK YOU Jackie!

Mike Wood is THE MAN!  Love ya Mike!

Chris Winward and his amazing band!    MAN OH MAN, Sarah said it all at the end of the night!   Love me some Chris Winward!   Did I mention LOVE?  <wink>  have mercy!

I hope I am not forgetting anyone?  I just loved everything about this wedding.  THANK YALL again and again!























































Ashleigh and Chuck, Married!

Truly I know I have said it before but this time there truly is no words!  I LOVE this couple!  LOVE THEM~!  Stay tuned for the amazing vendor review too!   You won't want to miss this one... crazy big thank yous to Brett Birdsong and my Jules!  You guys are so awesome!  





















Coming Soon...

MUCH, MUCH more about this lovely wedding.  Did I say more?  Oh yeah, there will be more.  Jules and I LOVED shooting here.  The Destin Bay House is simply wonderful!    We would love to go back over and over again!

Stay tune...








A little shout out!

I hope I do not embarrass her to pieces but I MUST give a shout out to my friend my trusted employee and one of the sweetest people I know Jiuli!  Jules has been with me for three years now and I just cannot say enough wonderful things about her.  When you see me, you see Jules now!  LOL.  We are a GREAT team and love every single wedding we do together!   Thank you Jiuli for three fun years with you and THANK YOU for the amazing images you produce consistently every single week!   Sorry everyone I just had to brag a bit.  Here are just a few from this past Fridays wedding at the lovely Destin Bay House!   More on them AND our lovely couple coming very soon!






You know how you just know you are going to get along wonderfully with someone?  YEAP, that's the P family!   Loved them from the moment I walked through their door!   I cannot wait to see them again and again!

Thank yall for thinking of me!