So much more to say...lots more!

Stay tuned for all the amazing details on this fabulous Greenville S.C. Wedding.

I have LOTS to say!   <wink>



















































Olivia and CT!

Well apparently I've been slacking on my blogging!

I assure you it wasn't intentional just a super busy time of year!

But without further a due I would LOVE to show you all a few more of the very lovely Olivia and CT!

What a fabulous, intimate wedding surrounded by only their great friends and family!

Just beautiful and I couldn't be more proud that CT's mom remember me from years ago.

WE love you you guys!

Oh and the vendors!  WOW! so so pretty!

Renee and Grove from Fiahers flowers!  WOW!  Please may I see yall again and again?  <wink>

Thank yall for welcoming us with open arms!
The food, the flowers the...well everything!   THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!


































Anna and Peter!

I have so much I want to say about this lovely couple...

Their families are amazing...

Their friends are amazing...

Their wedding was amazing...

And everyone that worked so hard to make it come true were just amazing... STUNNING! PERFECT!  Jamie PLEASEEEE let me find time to come see you!   <wink>

Need I say more?  LOL.

Don't you worry,  I have MUCH more to say!

Joseph with watercolors and the whole staff.... amazing in every way!

Stay tuned!








































































We love October so much but please try and be patient!  It's a super busy month and we are doing our best to stay updated!

More soon of the lovely Christina and Eric!   Adore them!











coming soon...